of great age

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All of these larger pi-pis--like that of the Hoolah Hoolah ground in the Typee valley--bore incontestible marks of great age; and I am disposed to believe that their erection may be ascribed to the same race of men who were the builders of the still more ancient remains I have just described.
Apparently it was that of a woman of great age so shrunken that in size it seemed no larger than the face of a year-old child, although made up of a number of deep and yellow wrinkles.
Forming part of a large consignment of Chinese items from a deceased estate from which many lots have realised high prices, this item was not judged to be of great age or huge value.
'Both confirmed they were human and of great age. If they were made when the peat was formed, they would be Neolithic-Mesolithic and older than those found on the Gwent levels.' He added that near to the footprints is the wreck of what appears to be a medieval boat, which appears almost every winter.
Because it was an elective monarchy and because of the tendency to elect candidates "of great age and little life expectancy" (179), the papacy can offer a kind of time-lapse view of diplomatic maneuvering and political change.
But the 59-year-old was a bit baffled after the Bishop called her a lady of great age.