of great magnitude

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Administrative steering, technical, legal and urban ZAC and municipal subdivisions of great magnitude.
This region of the Gulf has active sinistral transform faults with associated pull-apart basins (the deeps in the Gulf of Aqaba), and hence is an area where earthquakes of great magnitude occur quite regularly, it noted.
Speedbit is thus joining a very respectable group of a very few publishers that have reached global popularity of great magnitude such as Skype.
I think people realise that we are experiencing a global economic emergency of great magnitude.
Here is a love story of great magnitude set against the most evil regime in man's history, of letters (and even visits), and of life in these dismal places.
Furthermore, it is extremely unfortunate that this body has been formed with the patronage of the British High Commission, and we sincerely believe that any funding by the High Commission or any other agency directed towards this joint chamber would be illegal, and would certainly lead to complications of great magnitude, thereby not setting a good precedent for the future.
The game could still be of great magnitude, it's a massive, massive game.
He went to Broadway after this stint and then on to become a star of great magnitude.
They are matches of great magnitude and moving them was brought about through a close working relationship with the sponsor, the SPL and ourselves and I'd like to thank them for that.
It's a problem of great magnitude," says David Shulenburger, APLU's vice president for academic affairs and a co-author of the report.
The 2010 Winter Games was a production of great magnitude and it took many dedicated individuals to achieve maximum results.
The OIC Secretary-General Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu stressed that the situation is very precarious and unprecedented in modern history, compared to the Tsunami in Indonesia, the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, Hurricane Katrina in the US and even the Pakistan earthquake of 2005, pointing out that Pakistan alone is unable to overcome this challenge of great magnitude as indeed no other country would be able to face such calamity single-handedly.