of great magnitude

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He did not disclose details of the scandal, only saying Kim made a mistake of great magnitude "that could have cost Lee the election.
One of the organisers said they hope to host matches of great magnitude in future so that the visually impaired and similarly abled children received more opportunities to show their abilities.
Some people hire trucks to engage in unlawful activities exposing innocent businesspeople to damages and losses of great magnitude, he cautioned.
We have an excellent safety record relating to infrastructure projects of great magnitude UK-wide and we should never for one moment look to compromise that.
Chandrachud, said, "It is a large issue and an issue of great magnitude.
Therefore, in principle, through its micro level efforts, THF seeks to address a macro level issue of Pakistan which is of great magnitude, and constantly growing at an alarming rate.
Islamabad -- Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman has stated CPEC is a project of great magnitude which will play a pivotal role in transforming the economic landscape of Pakistan, as indeed the region and beyond.
More than that, an important lesson disaster of great magnitude gives is to strengthen our awareness and preparedness so that the loss and damage of lives and properties could be mitigated should the same event happen again in our lifetime, she underscored.
This tragedy of great magnitude has once again challenged us to come together, to stand by each other and to help one another," he stressed.
In my family, we rely on cards to signify moments of great magnitude as well as just simple affection, a warm practice I am happy to share with my fellow Americans.
Joshua, as Benn did before him, is causing a stir in the paid ranks and the event - which stars only the second British boxer in history to claim Olympic gold and a world title - is of great magnitude.
I was shocked to discover a disaster of great magnitude that, for reasons that will soon become apparent, does not seem to be covered in most Second World War history books.