of hidden meaning

See: enigmatic
References in classic literature ?
This is not all of 'em, even as we already know 'em,' said Bounderby, with many nods of hidden meaning.
Its influence on art and literature has been significant, its highly sophisticated decoration is not just random but full of hidden meaning.
This documentary delves into the theories of hidden meanings in the film - ranging from the arrangement of baking soda tins through to how continuity errors acted as subliminal messages on Kubrick's feelings about cinema.
This documentary profiles arguably the most devoted of the 'Dylanologists', AJ Weberman, who went even further than just obsessively listening to the songs in search of hidden meanings.
As might be expected, lots of hidden meanings and words and ideas emerge in "Franny and Randy .
Comprised of forty-four truly stunning and memorable images, Hebrew Illuminations is especially recommended to the attention of students of kabbalistic meditation practices through offering a visual contemplation of hidden meanings in Hebrew letters and symbols ranging from the "Aleine" (a declaration of faith that inspires an offer of praise for all creation), to the "Chai" (a tribute to the divine for the miraculous gift of life).
Here you are in cicada dreaming country--a completely different creation-time story--and as you float along the river between the massive pink and gray sandstone cliffs of the gorge, your Aboriginal guide gently opens your eyes to hundreds of hidden meanings in what you are seeing.
Svetlana Alpers resists the current tide of an emblematic interpretation of Dutch art as reductive, and insists on the masterful painted surface as an art of description: "It is not a notion of hidden meanings that produces such works, but rather the notion of a world that is understood in terms of an assemblage of visibly accessible meanings" (122).