of high standing

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As a former councillor of high standing I feel that UKIP are taking advantage of this purely for their own benefit.
Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of BP said "Phuthuma is an international business leader of high standing with a wide ranging business experience in emerging markets.
William Haggas, trainer of High Standing "High Standing is in good form.
Anyway, there I was in the pub asking for advice, and Neil and Steve, two professional gentlemen of high standing, winding down after a day of high finance, both had a go at discovering what the code was that would render it safe.
Individuals who intend to apply should arrange for three persons of high standing to provide letters of reference to the undersigned as soon as possible.
190, Clement and his own star pupil Origen put the Catechetical School of Alexandria firmly on the Christian map--"It is directed by men of high standing, able in theology" (Eusebius).
The court heard how Whyte, of High Standing, Howwood, was pounds 25,000 in debt before the blaze and had insurance cover for up to pounds 40,000 on the shop.
EDS has made some major moves in the area of consulting in the past three years and is well-positioned to achieve the same kind of high standing in the area of business consulting that it has had for more than three decades for its achievements in the information technology industry.
The Golden Jubilee looks near impossible, so go with class acts Fleeting Spirit and Starspangledbanner and back those up with an outsider in the shape of High Standing.
in the firm's revitalized "The Bank Stock Quarterly," a publication of high standing for many years.
William Haggas, trainer of High Standing "I was satisfied with his run at Haydock.
William Haggas, trainer of High Standing "He seems in very good shape, so I'm hoping he runs a big race.