of high station

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Let him keep his state, and have his established orders of rank, and wear his royal mantle of the color of a fever flush and let the noble and wealthy boast their own physical infirmities, and display their symptoms as the badges of high station.
There would be Judge Pyncheon, --a person eminent in the public view, of high station and great wealth, a philanthropist, a member of Congress and of the church, and intimately associated with whatever else bestows good name,--so imposing, in these advantageous lights, that Hepzibah herself could hardly help shrinking from her own conclusions as to his hollow integrity.
They seem to be of high station among these misdoers.
What could more profoundly vindicate the idea of America than plain and humble people--the unsung, the downtrodden, the dreamers not of high station, not born to wealth or privilege, not of one religious tradition but many--coming together to shape their country's course?
6) A tragedy of hubris involving what Aristotle would call a dramatic "discovery" and resulting in the fall into disgrace of a man of high station, American President Richard Milhouse Nixon.
He preached it by his example as well as by his sermons, in cities, and in country places, to people of high station and low, before scholars and the uneducated, to Catholics and to heretics.
59 Appropriately, this book of the Discorsi was dedicated to a woman of high station, a "Signora Camilla Soranzo Illustrissima Podesterella di Crema.