of higher rank

See: superior
References in classic literature ?
As to the clerks, he pronounced them mere pretenders, not one of whom had ever been among the Indians, nor farther to the northwest than Montreal, nor of higher rank than barkeeper of a tavern or marker of a billiard-table, excepting one, who had been a school-master, and whom he emphatically sets down for "as foolish a pedant as ever lived.
The residents of the area said that the move was aimed at saving the real culprits of the tragedy as action was taken against twenty-nine officials of Indian army and police, some of them of higher rank, for their role in the tragedy.
A fourth theory suggests that when youngsters tussle, animals of higher rank provide third-party support to unrelated offspring of equal or higher rank.
111), it is in the order of Providence that lower things should be subject to the influence of higher things, so that just as the angels of lower rank receive enlightenment from angels of higher rank, so men, being inferior to angels by nature, receive enlightenment from them.
In primates, women of higher rank or more resources tend to be better fed, have higher fat and less stress and thus, tend to produce sons.