of higher rank

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As to the clerks, he pronounced them mere pretenders, not one of whom had ever been among the Indians, nor farther to the northwest than Montreal, nor of higher rank than barkeeper of a tavern or marker of a billiard-table, excepting one, who had been a school-master, and whom he emphatically sets down for "as foolish a pedant as ever lived.
When the audience was stationary, the common people stood in the square on all sides of the stage, while persons of higher rank or greater means were seated on temporary wooden scaffolds or looked down from the windows of the adjacent houses.
Since generating additional services is obviously an important component of the performance evaluations of higher rank auditors (Emby and Etherington 1996), it may appear that higher rank auditors would be influenced more by the presence of additional business opportunities than lower rank auditors.
Clearly, generating additional services is an important dimension in the performance evaluation of higher rank auditors (Hooks et al.
Therefore, we propose that the judgments of higher rank auditors are less susceptible to additional business opportunity incentives than those of lower rank auditors.
A fourth theory suggests that when youngsters tussle, animals of higher rank provide third-party support to unrelated offspring of equal or higher rank.
111), it is in the order of Providence that lower things should be subject to the influence of higher things, so that just as the angels of lower rank receive enlightenment from angels of higher rank, so men, being inferior to angels by nature, receive enlightenment from them.
In primates, women of higher rank or more resources tend to be better fed, have higher fat and less stress and thus, tend to produce sons.
Accepting that premise, therefore, the literary validity of Vasari's lives of Renaissance artists could stand on a par with Boccaccio's treatment of the earlier "lives" of merchants and scoundrels, as well as, say, Pietro Aretino's spotlight on courtiers, parasites, and opportunists of higher rank.