of humble birth

See: ignoble
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A MAN of humble birth and no breading, who held a high political office, was passing through a forest, when he met a Monkey.
Henderson's was the classic story of a lad o'pairts, the boy of humble birth made good.
The heroes and heroines were usually of humble birth, whose goodness ennobled them and usually propelled them upwards into the aristocracy or the monarchy by the end of the story.
An alchemist of humble birth shall transport base elements and turn rust and ruins into an age of gold and glory.
Imagine, a self-taught man of humble birth winning so many votes in a race for President
Letizia has been married before, she dresses too flamboyantly, she doesn't know how to behave properly and, even worse, is guilty of being a journo (only estate agents and lawyers are held in less esteem) let alone of humble birth.
Often he is a man of humble birth who leaves the group and returns to assume power.
She was of humble birth and upbringing, not someone of noble blood.