of ill repute

See: notorious
References in classic literature ?
He was shut up within his Castle, and guarded by a defence of convention which she could not pass without danger of ill repute to herself.
HHH HH A WOMAN'S most cherished asset, her reputation, is at the mercy of jealous, controlling men in this revisionist religious drama, which attempts to wash away the stains of ill repute from Jesus' devoted disciple.
All this changes, however, when Clarice's mother falls madly in love with the owner of the local blues joint/gentlemen's club/general house of ill repute (much to the bemusement--and amusement--of the town).
Mary, from Co Galway, is touring again and writing a play based on her album The House Of Ill Repute.
Over the years, there's been talk of tunnels haunted by a "Black Monk" and ones which 12th century monks would walk through to visit ladies of ill repute passing, on their way, a chest of gold coins guarded by a raven.
Sotiriades told the court that according to information in the hands of the police, the flat had been rented in July and used as a house of ill repute, while pretending to offer massage services.
QC is not only notorious for traffic jams - Cubao is one of the stickiest choke points on EDSA - it's also a city of ill repute for holdups, stickups, and, yes, carnapping.
THE Dog Inn at the bottom end of town was a less than salubrious hostelry that was known for drunkenness and ladies of ill repute.
We were all laughing together about recent talk of politicians being "in bed" with people of ill repute.
I wouldn't put it past those of ill repute to pledge a few dollars for access to skullduggery, but you'll have the last laugh if your project is given the green light.
CNN reported that one of the gunmen scrawled the word "wanted" on the wall of the house of ill repute.
She doesn't know who her father is, and her mother is, well, a woman of ill repute who thinks nothing of stealing her daughter's hard-earned money for her own purposes.