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Even O'Banion (2007), one of the harshest critics of late registration, acknowledged that it aligns with students' self-directed desires to select "more accommodating times, more useful courses, and better teachers" (p.
Neil Harrold, vice chair of R3 in the <B North East said it is the smallest companies that 'bear the brunt of late payment'
Instead, as the catalogue progresses, Michelangelo (represented in the exhibition by a series of drawings and small-scale sculptures) almost fades into the background against the rich compilation of remarkable objects drawn from all the arts, or as one of the authors, Suzanne Butters might term it, the ars of late Cinquecento Florence.
But for Jameson, problems of nomenclature did not prevent Gehry from being squarely situated, if uncomfortably, in a postmodern of a certain kind-a concept, as he writes in Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, that "is not merely contested, [but] also internally conflicted and contradictory." Jameson, like Banham, takes the "inside-out" house as paradigmatic; and not just of certain formal tendencies of postmodernism such as "wrapping" but in relation to what Jameson identifies in the postmodern as a residue of that modern impetus toward the utopian and the entirely new, a pressure ostensibly negated by the rhetoric of postmodernists.
97-48's and 98-55's automatic change provisions cover seven types of late S election problems.
Advantages of late inoculation include virtual elimination of fading and significant reduction of inoculant addition rates.
The percentage of late patients during the month of March was approximately 21 percent.
ANORTH East MP secured a debate at Westminster Hall yesterday on the subject of late payments to SMEs under local government procurement.
The research also showed that 30% of Yorkshire respondents who experienced late payments in the past two years have had to use personal money or assets to boost their cash flow - while a fifth said they had suffered "extreme stress" as a result of late payment.
For more than two in five businesses (43%) the single main outcome of late payment this year is an inability to pay suppliers.
The title of the DVD, Performance Practices ..., is a bit misleading, for in this lecture-recital, Gordon presents less of a discussion and demonstration of performance techniques than an introduction to and historical overview of the development of compositional techniques of late twentieth-century piano music.
In short, the volume offers a rich "harvest" of some of the best work on the frontiers of late medieval and early modern studies, including the essays I have lacked the space to mention in this short review.