of less importance

See: inferior
References in classic literature ?
There are other considerations, of less importance, perhaps, but which are not unworthy of notice.
At Brighton she will be of less importance even as a common flirt than she has been here.
It was some relief, however, that they were to return to the rooms in common use, by passing through a few of less importance, looking into the court, which, with occasional passages, not wholly unintricate, connected the different sides; and she was further soothed in her progress by being told that she was treading what had once been a cloister, having traces of cells pointed out, and observing several doors that were neither opened nor explained to her -- by finding herself successively in a billiard-room, and in the general's private apartment, without comprehending their connection, or being able to turn aright when she left them; and lastly, by passing through a dark little room, owning Henry's authority, and strewed with his litter of books, guns, and greatcoats.
Behind these courtiers were others of less importance, filling the great hall to the very doors.
Some lengthened bands along the disc, real clouds formed in the midst of a very confined atmosphere, from which emerged not only all the mountains, but also projections of less importance; its circles, its yawning craters, as capriciously placed as on the visible surface.
Two other little seats that belong to him he treats as retail orders of less importance, merely sending down the men and signifying to the tradespeople, "You will have the goodness to make these materials into two members of Parliament and to send them home when done."
For this reason I would seriously maintain that all the medical and surgical discoveries that science can make in the future will be of less importance than the application of the knowledge we already possess, when the disinherited of the earth have established their right to a human existence."
Though I loved my friends, their fate seemed of less importance to me than the fate of this little barbarian stranger for whom, I had convinced myself many a time, I felt no greater sentiment than passing friendship for a fellow-wayfarer in this land of horrors.
No consideration of less importance than my consideration for Laura would have induced me to consent to be a witness at all.
for what could be of less importance, under the terrible circumstances which environed me, then the mere dimensions of my dungeon?
'The country's workforce should be patriotic and mindful that they are the driving force behind the country's economic growth, as low levels of productivity is of less importance to the country regardless of the amount of funds allocated to the development budget,' he said.
The amount itself is of less importance than the fact that wherever we asked, people were only too willing to sign.