of little account

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After five years we find him indeed a barrister and a Member of Parliament, but among the many great men of his age he was still of little account.
You are a Line, but I am a Line of Lines, called in my country a Square: and even I, infinitely superior though I am to you, am of little account among the great nobles of Flatland, whence I have come to visit you, in the hope of enlightening your ignorance.
Zhukova Dermot Weld 4th, 1m2f fillies' maiden, Fairyhouse, May 28 If you looked at this filly for the first half of this race you would have written her off as slow and of little account, but the second half was somewhat more revealing.
Further, while God had at hand many of rank and high ability as witnesses, He puts them aside and simply chooses shepherds, of little account with men, of no reckoning .
He reigned as king of Egypt from 282 to 246 BC, a golden age, but has long been maligned by modern scholars as a self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking pacifist and so of little account.
to adopt several resolutions, including one funding a Messianic congregation [subsequently rescinded] and another on selective divestment from firms doing Israeli business, suggest to the doubters that interfaith work is uselessly "old hat," and of little account.
Other abuses" described in the instruction which do not pose a direct threat to the dignity or validity of the Eucharist but nevertheless "are not to be considered of little account, but are to be carefully avoided and corrected.
His message was that money was not the be-all and end-all of improving public services and was of little account unless accompanied by reform.
The culture of other groups, especially Harry's own native culture, was considered of little account by the rulers of the land, at that time.
Ordinary people are still expendable and of little account to the high and the mighty.
Marriage in those days required women to accept that they were of little account and "to worry only about the desires of others, to quietly enjoy the plants and the fishbowl, unfolded socks and tidy drawers.