of little consequence

References in classic literature ?
How Anne's more rigid requisitions might have been taken is of little consequence.
I ought to have replied that it was not easy to give an impromptu answer to a question about appearances; that tastes mostly differ; and that beauty is of little consequence, or something of that sort.
That was all; but it meant a good deal, for the voices were kind, and the eyes met full of that affection which makes words of little consequence.
Again, in estimating the merit of certain poems, whether they be Ossian's or Macpherson's can surely be of little consequence, yet, in order to prove their worthlessness, Mr.
This is however of little consequence for as our Mothers were certainly never married to either of them it reflects no Dishonour on our Blood, which is of a most ancient and unpolluted kind.
This, however, I suppose, is of little consequence as long as it continues to be an object of dread to criminals at home.
The very existence of a "United Kingdom" seems of little consequence to them.
The fact that they might have been born here or are full Irish citizens is of little consequence to warped racists.
Kelly again missed the conversion but it was of little consequence as Belgium were unable to break the Irish line, with the hosts finishing off with a try by prop Curtis Stewart, which Kelly converted.
That he kept quiet when seven years, under his watch as "peace" envoy, Israel unleashed its military might and its US-backed killing machine on the entrapped people of Gaza, should have condemned him as a man of little consequence.
Since the focus is on product offering, location is of little consequence and Zoom International is studying opportunities worldwide, Vostry said without namingA locations ofA specific interest.
Now with Godolphin and Charlie Appleby, the son of Exchange Rate should be a great deal sharper for that Newmarket blow-out, while the return to five furlongs is of little consequence.