of little importance

References in classic literature ?
"You wander," he said to the Accuser; "it is of little importance how I obtained my power; it is only important how I have used it."
The resistance of the air is of little importance. The atmosphere of the earth does not exceed forty miles.
"Duson was, after all, a valet, a person of little importance. There is no one to whom his removal could have been of sufficient importance to justify such extreme measures.
"No," answered the rabbit, "I'm merely the Keeper of the Wicket, and a person of little importance, although I try to do my duty.
"What I said was of little importance," the Prince remarked, "but I felt myself placed in a very difficult position.
The meaning of the latter is extremely indeterminate, and can be of little importance under any interpretation which it will bear.
Jennings, though regretting that she had not been five minutes earlier, was satisfied with the compromise; and Elinor, as she swallowed the chief of it, reflected, that though its effects on a colicky gout were, at present, of little importance to her, its healing powers, on a disappointed heart might be as reasonably tried on herself as on her sister.
"All I solicit," said Malicorne, "is a very humble appointment; I am of little importance, and I do not rank myself above my position."
No prayer is offered to the Saviour, who seems to be of little importance any where in Rome; but an inscription below says, "Blessed Peter, give life to Pope Leo and victory to king Charles." It does not say, "Intercede for us, through the Saviour, with the Father, for this boon," but "Blessed Peter, give it us."
That will give, or will not give, pleasure to his enemies, - a matter, by the way, of little importance to us ."
The idea was welcomed by the prince, to whom it was of little importance whom he married, so long as he married some one.