of loose morals

See: brazen
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During investigation, Shafique confessed to killing his wife on suspicion of loose morals.
I find it hard to believe that he rushed to some hotel to meet girls of loose morals, although ours are undoubtedly the best in the world," Putin (http://www.
He pens a tale of broken dreams and impossible love set in an era of loose morals fuelled by illegal booze.
It could have been made against someone society deems to be of loose morals, and it would still be foul.
It is no secret that crime is rampant in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi and passengers disembarking at such "unholy" hours are easy targets by people of loose morals and character.
Taking to the stage she referred to women of loose morals in derogatory terms and talked about life's more intimate moments in a fairly frank manner.
Stressing that engaging in such business is a sign of loose morals, those who operate in this manner are accountable to legal action as they violate the country's laws.
Officially, a ban on women wearing pants and miniskirts in the African country ended in 1994, but some men in the country believe that wearing such clothing is a sign of loose morals or prostitution.
Some of the street vendors who recently attacked women claimed it was un-Malawian to dress in miniskirts and pants, and that it was a sign of loose morals or prostitution.
A month or so ago it was resurrected and this time it was shouted down on the grounds that the Merry Monarch was a man of loose morals.
We are also trying to get a copy of Thakur's order in which he stated Phulwanti was of loose morals," Yadav added.
Song and especially dance are considered by them to be public displays of loose morals and sacrilegious vanity.