of lower rank

See: subaltern
References in classic literature ?
Wait a minute,' said the stranger, 'fun presently--nobs not come yet--queer place--dockyard people of upper rank don't know dockyard people of lower rank--dockyard people of lower rank don't know small gentry--small gentry don't know tradespeople--commissioner don't know anybody.
He was so proud that if anyone of lower rank than his own ventured to speak to him or ask him anything, he would say nothing but 'P
Lizaveta was of lower rank than her sister, unmarried and awfully uncouth in appearance, remarkably tall with long feet that looked as if they were bent outwards.
Shoaib Suddle had sought services of two officials of FIA, one of lower rank, on temporary basis to investigate into the issue.
On May 23 last year dozens of placards erected by Mr Haw were seized in a police raid, ordered by an officer of lower rank than the Commissioner.
It was much easier for the great to claim that his right to respect had been injured if his wife's lover was of lower rank, but an upper class defendant could get off by pleading that his admitted adultery could not have "injured" his lower status rival.
In addition to technical skills and professional judgment, recognizing opportunities for generating additional services is a component of lower rank auditors' performance evaluations and is emphasized in the socialization process in public accounting (e.
It is evident from the records that these distinctions were not merely adduced to strengthen a case, but that a woman would be stung to retaliate by the inference that she was of lower rank than she believed to be true.
111), it is in the order of Providence that lower things should be subject to the influence of higher things, so that just as the angels of lower rank receive enlightenment from angels of higher rank, so men, being inferior to angels by nature, receive enlightenment from them.
If a fraction of the coke could be replaced by fuels of lower rank without sacrificing metal quality, the economics of cupola iron could be improved, coking coals could be conserved and coke shortages could be avoided.
He explains that ethnic minorities make up 7% of superintendents and 2% of lower ranks.
Mostly government servants and that too of lower ranks reside here.