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All constitutional acts of power, whether in the executive or in the judicial department, have as much legal validity and obligation as if they proceeded from the legislature; and therefore, whatever name be given to the power of making treaties, or however obligatory they may be when made, certain it is, that the people may, with much propriety, commit the power to a distinct body from the legislature, the executive, or the judicial.
To have intrusted the power of making treaties to the Senate alone, would have been to relinquish the benefits of the constitutional agency of the President in the conduct of foreign negotiations.
When, in addition to these considerations, we take into view the co-operation of the President, we shall not hesitate to infer that the people of America would have greater security against an improper use of the power of making treaties, under the new Constitution, than they now enjoy under the Confederation.
Modern technologies have also replaced traditional methods of making objects of daily use.
If you want to buy licuados instead of making them, you can pick them up at this sampling of establishments.
Even supporters of making peer review information public acknowledge that some small firm practitioners will object.
Fear of making a mistake leads to high turnover, job burnout, and dissatisfaction (US-GAO, 2003).
Because wood takes a tree 10 years or more to replenish, recycling post consumer waste is the greenest method of making furniture--it stops materials from going into a landfill," he says.
Cruelest blow of all, Norman Mailer, who'd told Podhoretz he liked it, published a negative review of Making It in Partisan Review.
Nylon is also made from compounds that have been polymerized, the process of making large molecules from smaller ones.
High-pressure reactors are the oldest method of making PE, dating back to the early 1940s.