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More generally I believe that we must do everything possible in the Muslim world not to allow our tradition of making of things in an artistic way to be totally destroyed.
The critical failure of Making It brought to an end a phase in Podhoretz's life--the phase in which he was invited to the best and most glamorous parties in town, such as Truman Capote's 1965 masked ball at the Plaza Hotel.
High-pressure reactors are the oldest method of making PE, dating back to the early 1940s.
Physicians tend to be more political in their approach to making strategic decisions; nonphysician managers show a greater likelihood of making a strategic decision in the fiscal model.
The technical difficulty of making large, specific molecular structures had long quenched chemists' ambitions, Newkome observes.
We see our sponsorship of Making College Financial Planning Count as a valuable extension of that work," said Kathy Cannon, Student Banking Executive.
Most people don't realize mustard (dry) is a spice, and it becomes a condiment when you mix the powder (ground seeds) with other ingredients, including a liquid, says Helene Sawyer, co-author with Cheryl Long of ``Gourmet Mustards: The How-Tos of Making & Cooking With Mustards.