of minor importance

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Vincy's mind insisted with remarkable instinct on every point of minor importance, especially on what Mr.
After this, the idiotic hilarity of the spectators and the disreputable appearance of the hat when recovered appear but of minor importance.
She was looking very pretty herself on this particular night in a dress of the lovely wild-rose pink, from which Anne was forever debarred; but she was not to take any part in the concert, so her appearance was of minor importance. All her pains were bestowed upon Anne, who, she vowed, must, for the credit of Avonlea, be dressed and combed and adorned to the Queen's taste.
The fact that I was the son of a slave relegated me to a position of minor importance in the consideration of O-Tar, yet I am still the son of a jeddak and might sit upon the throne of Manator with as perfect congruity as O-Tar himself.
To the person in actual experience of impalement it must be a matter of minor importance by what kind of civil or religious dissent he was made acquainted with its discomforts; but doubtless he would feel a certain satisfaction if able to contemplate himself in the character of a weather-cock on the spire of the True Church.
Pre-season friendlies are all about working towards match fitness and sharpness with the result of minor importance.
the portion of the financial envelope allocated to the work to be done, broken down by type, is as follows in euros (ht) and per year: 1- renewal work, strengthening and extension of the drinking water supply network: minimum: 1 000 000 euros htmaximum: 2 500 000 euros ht2- urgent works of minor importance related to the urbanization: minimum: 200 000 euros htmaximum: 500 000 euros ht3- works on the union works: 50 000 euros ht
The economy and budget policy, which should have been the main subjects of the debate, were treated as issues of minor importance, superficially acknowledged in the speeches as an afterthought.
For each of nine multiple choice answers, respondents could choose whether that factor was "Decisive,""Important but not decisive" or "Of minor importance."
Interest rate on a per annum basis is of minor importance to microfinance clients.
"Yes, there might be some issues within the club but this is a Champions League match and these issues are of minor importance. Their coach and players will put aside all these issues because there is a major challenge ahead.
Montanari, Rodrigues, Giraldi & Neves survey 329 students, using three brands from three different countries, and find that country is a criterion of minor importance. These results point that marketing managers should emphasize other aspects than county of origin as an optimal strategy.