of minor importance

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Vincy's mind insisted with remarkable instinct on every point of minor importance, especially on what Mr.
After this, the idiotic hilarity of the spectators and the disreputable appearance of the hat when recovered appear but of minor importance.
She was looking very pretty herself on this particular night in a dress of the lovely wild-rose pink, from which Anne was forever debarred; but she was not to take any part in the concert, so her appearance was of minor importance.
The fact that I was the son of a slave relegated me to a position of minor importance in the consideration of O-Tar, yet I am still the son of a jeddak and might sit upon the throne of Manator with as perfect congruity as O-Tar himself.
be a matter of minor importance by what kind of civil or religious
The purpose of this personal letter is to place before you certain circumstances involving a Japanese army officer now in the custody of your government, an officer of minor importance in the general scheme of things but one who played an important role in my own experiences of the recent war.
The nature of this work consists of multiple interventions (up to 3 (three) yards at the same time), Which may be urgent, Of minor importance and concomitant in various parts of the union territory.
According to daily Politis, Garoyian added that the name of the solution "is not of minor importance and not a matter of symbolism", but a substantial framework for a solution.
NUC are known to be of minor importance in terms of production, consumption and utilization, with their full national economic potential not fully exploited.
Ten years ago, average call duration and cost-per-call were considered to be perhaps the most important metrics, but respondents to recent reports consider them of minor importance compared to more customer-focused measurements.
But talks with the government dragged on, as in the case of other E&P deals involving foreign firms, and Elf withdrew in February 1997 after having encountered results of minor importance.