of mixed character

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Where submitted bid for part of the services as detailed in Annex B, the tender guarantee will cover 2% of the individual budget of each category with a clear reference to the body of the letter of guarantee, namely the category of purely infectious waste 41 774, 54 EUR, for the category of mixed character infectious waste 3 839,40 EUR for category-toxic radioactive waste 2 933,88 EUR.
* Sunstein claims that Rand created characters in her novels who were "either all good or all bad," when in fact she populated her novels with people of mixed character (among many, see Catherine Halsey in The Fountainhead and the "wet nurse" in Atlas Shrugged) as well as with pure villains and heroes.
And as a rather tired property of mixed character, it was sold at auction in May last year for pounds 1.36 million to London developers.
Like that of mixed characters, the issue of poetic justice placed veracity at odds with morality.
A crew of mixed characters from all walks of life but with something in common - we were all known as HOs: hostilities only.
Two weeks, two states, two photographers, and a bag full of mixed characters out to get hammers and live life on the road.