of old

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Time will eventually obviate such considerations as modern smallpox vaccines replace old vaccines in national stockpiles, but for the present we see the WHO document as another basis for suggesting comprehensive testing of old vaccines.
Both research teams note that females of Old World primate species have unusual swelling and redness of their bottoms when they're ovulating.
By the time of his death in 1969, he had become the author of publications that covered a wide field of Old Testament scholarship.
Pat Thane is not the first historian to challenge the narrative of decline in the history of old age, but she is certainly the most thorough.
In his rigorous treatment of the social-scientific evidence, he identifies five developmental stages of Old Testament culture that provide the outline of his argument: family and clan; village community; tribal alliance; kingdom; and exilic/postexilic community.
Futterman & Associates, LLC (RKF), has reported, a 54,487 square-foot lease on behalf of Old Navy at 136-02 Roosevelt Avenue in downtown Flushing.
They are built around the concept of old people wanting to rest.
All of old Tai, the summer capital to the north of Jeddah, has gone.
871(a)(1)(C)or 8811a)(3), which in effect provide for the inclusion of OlD in income only when interest payments are received on the obligation or on its sale or exchange (including its retirement).
American society is still more entrepreneurial than any other, but the allure of Old Money snobbery is so strong that people often try to conceal the fact that they've risen on their own.
companies is the financial strength and support of Old Mutual.
The book of more than 500 pages, with hundreds of old photos, is available for sale at the Strathearn Historical Park gift shop and the Borders Books at Tapo Canyon Road and Alamo Street in Simi Valley.