of old

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It is no surprise, therefore, that it should have drawn Rowley's attention in his own reconstruction of the developing trends of Old Testament faith.
Thane demonstrates that functional definitions of old age were most important.
While the retail market is incredibly tight, we are particularly pleased to have been able to locate such a large block of prime space on behalf of Old Navy.
Simultaneous with completion of the transaction, the Bank and Trust Company of Old York Road will be merged into Midlantic Bank, N.
Prior to the enactment of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 (TRA), the amount of OlD that could be taxed to a foreign investor was limited to the investor's gain on the sale or exchange of the obligation.
3) Pat Havens shows the progress being made on the restoration of old St.
9) Authors, influenced by socialism, increased the interest in the elderly of the lower classes and by doing so initiated a less general picture of old age.
He had served in numerous capacities, including being elected President and member of the Board of Directors of Old Kent Bank in Grand Rapids in 1986 and CEO in 1989.
Canepa will remain Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Old Kent Financial Corporation until March 1, 1995, at which time he will transfer his CEO responsibilities to Mr.
Selective logging--cutting only the young trees out of old stands--is one way to bring back the characteristics of old-growth forest.
The exchange fee will be payable to such holders of Old Notes on the exchange date, which will be promptly after the expiration date.
Mr Broadhurst has been a Non-executive Director of Old Mutual plc since 1999 and chairs the Old Mutual Group Audit Committee.