of one mind

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I cannot say if John would have approved of our pace, but Joe and I were both of one mind, and so angry that we could not have gone slower.
But Don Quixote was of one mind, he of the Mirrors of another, for he just then had no thought of anything but finding some village where he could plaster himself, as has been said already.
And he who was wont to creep away in dumb shame, fearing the laughter of his fellows, sang now with such beauty and sweetness that they were all of one mind, saying that the Lord Himself had, of His heavenly grace, given to Caedmon this new power.
The English are almost of one mind in contending against the tyranny of Charles and his adherents.
I shall expect you to write to me, in any case; and I believe we shall be of one mind before the week is out.
The black bull was grazing alone away from the rest, but fierce-eyed hounds followed the cows, four of them, all of one mind, like men.
And he bade them both to be of one mind and search for the cattle, and guiding Hermes to lead the way and, without mischievousness of heart, to show the place where now he had hidden the strong cattle.
"And that is why, and I've had lots of conversations with the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, he and I are of one mind on this.
Garcia said they were 'of one mind' that 'this has been the most active Congress yet.'
He is currently CEO of One Mind for Research, a non-profit organisation that brings together healthcare providers, researchers and academics to cure brain disorders.
BE of one mind, live in peace, and the God of love and peace shall be with you.
"The Christian tradition has always been cautious about interest and for many centuries it was Very much of one mind with the Islamic tradition, but after the 16th century that changed," Williams, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, said at a media conference in London.