of promise

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I would ask you to Edward Street, but that once he forced from me a kind of promise never to invite you to my house; nothing but my being in the utmost distress for money should have extorted it from me.
Promise Technology, VTrak, FastTrak and SuperTrak are trademarks or registered trademarks of Promise Technology Inc.
In the process they are investing their money to create a marketplace brand of promise distrust--a hardened target for future promises.
Both the direct attach and external storage markets have a common need for the powerful data protection benefits and increased performance represented by Promise's vast expertise in ATA RAID solutions," said Andy Liu, vice president and general manager, Global Storage Solution Group of Promise Technology.
It is reasonable to assume that exactly this type of promise, a less binding version of the earlier marriage contract, was in Topsell's mind when he portrayed Ruth and Boaz as a kind of biblical promised couple.
We built an Application Service Provider (ASP) model enabling Communities of Promise associated with America's Promise to maintain their own Promise Station sites through a centralized technical architecture," explained Tobeka Green, vice president of new media at AP.
Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and in particular its characters' use of promise, provides new and revealing insights into the evolving Renaissance codes of honor, for Shakespeare creates characters in Hamlet that represent various stages in the evolution of a changing honor system.
The no-nonsense TV detective is policing the Scottish part of ITV's Year of Promise - where everyone gets the chance to make a promise to make a difference in the year 2000 and beyond - so it makes sense to be true to your word.
I sometimes think that everything we esteem in this life, all that is good of the earth, is composed of promise, the promise embodied in all seeds--pine, chestnut, nannyberry, ash--in the kernels of barleys and oats, iris corms and crocus corms, all pips and spores, the promise established in the repeated waxings and wanings of the moon, in the constant return of the sun, the covenant recognized in all eggs--noddy, razorbill, squid and lumpfish, violet-tail damselfly, in the multiple jelly egg-nets of toad and frog--plus the promises made by those sacred figures and symbols we trust, the rainbow, the early promise of a messiah, the promise of salvation announced by Christ.
With every tablespoon of Promise, you get 1 1/2 fewer grams of heart-damaging fat than you'd get from other sticks like Land O' Lakes Spread with Sweet Cream, Land O' Lakes Country Morning Blend, Land O' Lakes Margarine, or Parkay.
While one group of Promise Keepers, out on the town on Saturday night, ogled a six-foot-two-inch transvestite, a group of gay passersby ogled the Promise Keepers right back.
A third major facet of Promise Keepers is evident in its immediate political target.