of recent occurrence

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By the way, in view of recent occurrences, perhaps I ought to ask Mrs.
An adjournment motion from the PML-F lawmaker pertaining to fire incident at Sindh Secretariat was presented which was opposed by the minister for parliamentary affairs who said that although the incident of recent occurrence but could not be discussed due to an investigation ongoing in the process.
The parameters of admissibility in the rules were factors like being an issue of great public importance, relating to one definite issue and being a matter of recent occurrence, he said.
The p-value showed that there was significant difference between the locations of residence in HIV patients for both urban and rural dwellers, with Adenovirus co-infections (p less than 0.05) Prevalence rate of Adenovirus infection in HIV patients in relation to history of recent occurrence of respiratory tract infections (considering common symptoms such as cough, catarrh, sore throat and sneezing) with conjunctivitis noticed within 1-2weeks before visit to the clinic revealed that 12.5% of the total number of Adenovirus positive HIV patients had recent occurrences of respiratory tract infections and conjunctivitis before their visit to the clinic.
Opposing the adjournment motion, government and party sources said only an issue of recent occurrence could be discussed under it.
"I can think of a number of recent occurrences where I have personally seen hire cars driving on the wrong side of the road."
When the going gets tough hold on to memories of recent occurrences that made you feel good.
There have been a number of recent occurrences where horses who featured in the finish of the Arkle reopposed in the Maghull.