of short duration

References in classic literature ?
The battle, or rather carnage, was of short duration.
The sun now set: a freezing cold, though of short duration pervaded the whole creation; it was like a horrid gust coming from a burial-vault on a warm summer's day--but all around the mountains retained that wonderful green tone which we see in some old pictures, and which, should we not have seen a similar play of color in the South, we declare at once to be unnatural.
It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration.
We were relieved, for she did not talk during the process; but our relief was of short duration.
But this detestation, though so just, was of short duration, for she looked again and exclaimed, "Delightful
The hesitation of the squatter was consequently of short duration.
Tyrannies, how established, 168; how preserved, 174, 176; of short duration, 180; instances thereof, 180
According to official sources, the duration of Short Duration Flight (SDF) would be 13-14 days for Hajj 2016.
We see a growing number of short duration attacks across our customer base.
13 November 2013 -- Boston-based asset management firm Fidelity Investments said it has expanded its line-up of short duration bond mutual funds for investors and financial advisors with the launch of Fidelity Ltd.
Building on the success that we have delivered for existing clients, we have developed a range of short duration funds to meet this growing demand.
He was previously the US sales manager of short duration products for JP Morgan Securities (NYSE: JPM), where he had spent nine years, and also worked with Bankers Trust.