of small moment

See: petty
References in classic literature ?
To the jungle bred, time is usually a matter of small moment, and haste, except when engendered by terror, by rage, or by hunger, is distasteful.
I find it, however, so transcendently stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its secondary action is a matter of small moment.
I wondered what it meant: I wondered, too, at the punctual satisfaction he never failed to exhibit on an occasion that seemed to me of small moment, namely, my weekly visit to Morton school; and still more was I puzzled when, if the day was unfavourable, if there was snow, or rain, or high wind, and his sisters urged me not to go, he would invariably make light of their solicitude, and encourage me to accomplish the task without regard to the elements.
Gwyn informed the reader that "gross corruption" characterized English politics "until after 1885," and that "until electoral bribery ends and limits on electoral spending are imposed, political reform is of small moment to historians.
Hochsprung's Twitter account is full of small moments like this that document her love not only of the Sandy Hook Elementary School but also the children attending it.
Sure, it's little more than a series of small moments stitched together, but it's all so delicately handled, so gently funny and so well-acted - our two young stars putting in superbly naturalistic performances - that to call it wonderful isn't an overstatement.
Nathaniel Fregoso's lyrics are detailed personal snapshots of small moments and hidden desires.
Habits enable you to choose in advance what you will do with the valuable load of small moments that will surely and steadily come your way.
This is a slow, sensitive film, full of small moments of insight and silences which speak volumes.
The Sussex woman, who died only in 1970, has created exquisite pictures in words and water colours of flowers and feuds among birds, bees and beautiful visties and a wealth of small moments such as a short-lived rainbow.