of sound judgment

See: normal, sane
References in classic literature ?
A brilliant frigate captain, a man of sound judgment, of dashing bravery and of serene mind, scrupulously concerned for the welfare and honour of the navy, he missed a larger fame only by the chances of the service.
Clients must prove they are able to end their lives themselves and are of sound judgment.
This expectation of sound judgment should also be extended to informal after hour gatherings that may occur.
But is fear a weakness or the basis of sound judgment? When swimming lessons starts, Hinemoa is less than forthright and huddles next to Nana.
The editorial staff defended this issue as addressing "the 'war on terror' from the standpoint of sound judgment and humanistic justice." But there is nothing sound or rational about a one-sided presentation full of distortions, omissions, and vitriol.
If the decision has been made on the basis of sound judgment and good information, the job itself is an opportunity to extend knowledge and skills and take on new challenges.