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This radical recasting of the concept of species in general and of humans in particular has now achieved the status of dogma, at least in the scientific community.
The idea is that known occurrences of species across landscapes can be related to raster geographic information system coverages summarizing environmental variation across those landscapes to develop a quantitative picture of the ecologic distribution of the species.
Also, many coastal refuge wetland areas will likely dry up completely, leaving hundreds of species of waterfowl and other wildlife with nowhere to go but on the path to extinction.
The competitive exclusionary principle--that two species with the same requirements cannot exist in the same habitat--would lead one to expect a limited number of species to have evolved over time.
Despite that inability, the Convention on Biological Diversity's Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical, and Technological Advice stipulated last year that "it is important to differentiate between natural invasions and human introductions of species.
Additionally, the program neglects to utilize quantifiable scientific data in support of listings and recovery efforts, thus allowing the listing of species that are not endangered and the creation of unsustainable recovery programs.
Understanding the abundance and distribution of species is arguably the central challenge facing modern ecologists.
Another key goal of the Foundation is protecting large habitats for communities of species and natural ecosystems.
The report also shows that the majority of species considered improving are mammals, birds, or plants; bird and fish species are reported as most stable.
Although thousands of species of wildlife and plants have been given protected status over the past three decades, species are not being brought back from the edge of extinction because of the ESA," said Brooks.
A list of species that have been infected with HPAI H5N 1 virus can be found in online Appendix Table (available at http://www.