of the best quality

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Vassenka Veslovsky had had no notion before that it was truly chic for a sportsman to be in tatters, but to have his shooting outfit of the best quality.
Yes, upon my truly was it," says she: "the gentleman speaks very much like a gentleman, and I see very plainly is so; and to be certain the house is well known to be a house of as good reputation as any on the road, and though I say it, is frequented by gentry of the best quality, both Irish and English.
Salted codfish, not of the best quality, was now on her table.
At the sixth cabaret, then, as we said, D'Artagnan stopped, asked for a bottle of wine of the best quality, and placing himself in the darkest corner of the room, determined thus to wait till daylight; but this time again his hopes were disappointed, and although he listened with all his ears, he heard nothing, amid the oaths, coarse jokes, and abuse which passed between the laborers, servants, and carters who comprised the honorable society of which he formed a part, which could put him upon the least track of her who had been stolen from him.
The hideous paper on the walls, the hideous carpet on the floor, were both of the best quality.
It is the wish of the Best Quality Custom Designs Company that their dedication to superior levels of customer service will only be enhanced by the recent launch of their website, http://www.
There is a correction to the winner of the best quality crystal mentioned in the March 2003 issue of ACCN, page 26.