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If we grant the autonomy of essence, it follows that we cannot raise questions about facts of the form "Y is part of the essence of H.
By implication, time may be of the essence because the rent review clause used emphatic language to set out the steps to be taken in the rent review.
The rationale behind Time is of the essence is the need for certainty in commercial relations.
It was important to CVS to develop a professional hair care collection while building on the success of the Essence of Beauty bath line, notes CVS vice president of beauty care Cheryl Mahoney.
This Broadway dis-play is about specific performance - after time was not of the essence - and now there's a lis pendens hanging from the marquee.
Coca-Cola and ESSENCE are excited to continue their relationship by extending the agreement under which Coca-Cola is the presenting sponsor and official non-alcoholic beverage of the ESSENCE Music Festival for another three years.