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The remark that these statements are put forward in outline only and Aristotle's emphasis on whether or not each of the kinds has a single and commonly used name suggest that the discussion of greatest kinds in History of Animals I 6 is merely intended to identify those kinds of animals that are commonly recognized.
On the one hand, the subject might be part of a community none of whose members know the correct scientific account of the kind. In that case, Putnam explains how the subject -- and indeed her whole community -- can have a term for the kind on the model of the 1750 water case.
"And if this were being done without the discipline of the rating agencies, there would be a large scope for imprudent lending practices of the kind that led to the S&L crisis at the end of the 1980s.
If all that need be held is that instances of each kind have not just accidentally possessed the properties comprised in our science's characterization, then perhaps it is enough to assert that instances of the kind possess the properties of physical necessity.
In pieces like Songdelay, 1973, Jonas took up her extended sculptural concern with space by way of the kind of radically pedestrian movement then used by many of the artist's friends who were retooling the contours of dance: Ann Halprin, Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton, and Simone Forti among them.
Second, there are no intrinsic divisions of the senses or the mediums of the kind Greenberg found in Lessing.
We might be wrong about the properties of the kind being named; water might turn out not to be colorless and tasteless even though we think it is.
JB: Maybe Carlo was an example of the kind of writer they were trying to get at, or Ricard, But what were you looking for in terms of writing?