of the old order

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And destruction of the old order must be carried out, they are always united in confusion.
Most speakers never read or write it, since there is little available to read in the language, but it is a vital part of the socio-religious identity of the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite groups.
Stevick notes that, despite technology, much of the Old Order Amish adolescent experience has not changed significantly.
It is rather the tension between the breakup of the old order and the fragmentation of opposition to that order, an opposition expressed primarily in religious or regional terms.
According to these circles, which view the protests as a counter-civilian revolution, what is happening is all about the re-establishment of the old order in Turkey, referred to as the First Republic -- an attempt to preserve the old privileges and to create barriers to Turkey's democratization.
The verbal attacks echo a broader debate about Egypt's future and reflect the conflicting concerns of those who are either worried about a consolidation of the influence of Islamist groups suppressed by Mubarak or a comeback by remnants of the old order that would undermine progress to democracy.
1986), The Amish Wedding and Other Special Occasions of the Old Order Communities (1988), Living Without Electricity (1990), Amish Houses and Barns (1992), and An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups (1996), as well as numerous entries in reference books and articles in periodicals.
I think the Republican establishment believes it's OK to say and do virtually anything to stop a genuine insurgency from winning because they are very afraid of losing control of the old order.
His acrylic paintings capture the simplicity and beauty of the Old Order community and the land they live on.
This interesting study concerns itself with the upheavals following the collapse of the Old Order in November 1918: the social and political unrest that swept Europe (and to some degree, Britain), in particular the threat of radical revolution or Bolshevism exported by the new Soviet dictatorship in Russia.
US investigators studied the DNA of more than 800 members of the Old Order Amish community, who are genetically similar and whose ancestry is easily traced.
Among his perspectives are the labor problem and the crisis of the old order, communities of reformers, and class wars and the crisis of progressivism.