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At the end of the present lecture I shall examine the grounds in its favour.
1921; "Die mnemischen Empfindungen," Leipzig, l909), we will give the name of "mnemic phenomena" to those responses of an organism which, so far as hitherto observed facts are concerned, can only be brought under causal laws by including past occurrences in the history of the organism as part of the causes of the present response.
And though none of them precisely answer to any known species of the present time, they are yet sufficiently akin to them in general respects, to justify their taking ranks as Cetacean fossils.
Many were the inquiries she was eager to make of Miss Tilney; but so active were her thoughts, that when these inquiries were answered, she was hardly more assured than before, of Northanger Abbey having been a richly endowed convent at the time of the Reformation, of its having fallen into the hands of an ancestor of the Tilneys on its dissolution, of a large portion of the ancient building still making a part of the present dwelling although the rest was decayed, or of its standing low in a valley, sheltered from the north and east by rising woods of oak.
For my own part, I cannot conceive that Homer or Virgil would have writ with more fire, if instead of being masters of all the learning of their times, they had been as ignorant as most of the authors of the present age.
In my humble opinion, the true characteristic of the present beau monde is rather folly than vice, and the only epithet which it deserves is that of frivolous.
The total of the present values of all the individual potential paths (M13 and M24 through M37) is the option's fair value, $8.46.
The focus of the present study was on the relationship of how language(s) interact with the cognitive processes of Long Term Memory among compound Greek-English bilingual children.
Another possible utilization of the present concept with the ortho-deuterium single crystal will be the coupling of preferred crystal orientation with the space-dependent cold neutron premoderator spectrum, according to the strong dependence of the most effective incident neutron energy for UCN production on the relative angle between the crystal axes and the inflow direction of cold neutrons.
A close reading of the document reveals that the overall tone of the new Missal--with its strong emphasis on the sacredness of the divine liturgy and our dependence on God's goodness and mercy, and our own unworthiness--contrasts markedly with the colloquial approach of the present translation.
To speak of the present is not normally to speak of a predetermined fact, given condition, or established institution, and yet misrepresenting this unstable object can be fraught with professional, moral, and legal consequences.
"The use of the present tense where the past might be expected appears to add a certain immediacy to the narration.