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The focus of the present study was on the relationship of how language(s) interact with the cognitive processes of Long Term Memory among compound Greek-English bilingual children.
Given that the aforementioned suppositions have been based on a template of coordinate bilinguals is somewhat problematic for compound bilingual participants of the present study, who are developing and using both their languages daily and therefore, by definition, lack a dominant language.
The design of the present study was a 2(story order) X 2(language of event) X 2(language at recall) between subjects design.
The nature of the story recall task of the present study afforded bilingual participants the opportunity to organize their memory by story (1 or 2), event [breakfasts (B's) and parties (P's)], specific event (B1, B2, P1, P2), and language of presentation (LP) [English(E) and/or Greek(G)].
Several key findings of the present study appear to refute memory strategy "A" and support strategy "B".
Another possible utilization of the present concept with the ortho-deuterium single crystal will be the coupling of preferred crystal orientation with the space-dependent cold neutron premoderator spectrum, according to the strong dependence of the most effective incident neutron energy for UCN production on the relative angle between the crystal axes and the inflow direction of cold neutrons.
A close reading of the document reveals that the overall tone of the new Missal--with its strong emphasis on the sacredness of the divine liturgy and our dependence on God's goodness and mercy, and our own unworthiness--contrasts markedly with the colloquial approach of the present translation.
When one places sections of the present Missal translation alongside the new draft version and the Latin master edition of the new Mass, as promulgated after Vatican II, one is struck by the many glaring linguistic inaccuracies, not to mention the theological distortions or omissions,
The use of the present tense where the past might be expected appears to add a certain immediacy to the narration.
In other words, he demonstrates not only how the past has been rewritten in terms of present-day concerns, but also how these revisions of the past have altered people's perceptions of the present.
All modern option pricing models say the present value of a so-called European-style option--one exercisable only at expiration--is the sum of the present values of each of the two hypothetical instruments in the equivalent portfolio.
For a stock that pays no dividends, the current stock price can be thought of as the sum of the present values of all future possible stock prices zero or greater multiplied by their individual probabilities of occurrence.