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Furthermore, it also inhibits voltage reduction even after a long period of being out of use.
280F-6T(e)(3), the taxpayer must also document dates of use, the amount of use for business purposes and for investment purposes and the total use of the property for the tax period.
Interestingly, firms with fewer than five years under current ownership and those with more than twenty-five years reported the identical incidence of use for financial management services.
Therefore, FDA must determine if the additive is safe under the proposed conditions of use, based on the best scientific knowledge available.
Federal regulations require evidence that each substance is safe at its intended level of use before it may be added to foods.
For each of the asset services, whether measured by frequency of use (table 7) or average number of accounts (table 8), the use of local offices of institutions is much greater than the use of nonlocal offices.
Finally, the prevalence of any use and of inconsistent condom use was greatest among blacks (61% and 44% of visits, respectively), whereas whites had the highest level of consistent use (18% of visits); Hispanics were the least likely to have used condoms, regardless of use level.
The researchers comment, "These low rates of use suggest that ready access is not the only issue.
The resultant categories distinguished participants' behaviors according to the onset and frequency of use and changes in use over time.
A woman's risk increased by 7% with each year of use; it was nearly doubled after a decade of use and was tripled after two decades.
Results of these calculations indicated that participation in the intervention was the strongest predictor of use (odds ratio, 5.
In analyses of 2,232 female condom uses by 175 participants who returned at least one condom, women reported either mechanical problems, which could lead to method failure, or acceptability problems, which could result in discontinuation, during 25% of uses.