of vital importance

References in classic literature ?
Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State.
It is a secret for me alone, of vital importance for me, and not to be put into words.
Well, it wasn't a matter of vital importance, was it?
Hunt absent from his post, when his presence there was of vital importance to the enterprise; so essential is it for an agent, in any great and complicated undertaking, to execute faithfully, and to the letter, the part marked out for him by the master mind which has concerted the whole.
He is not guileless, and he is not a peasant--but I don't know that either point is of vital importance.
Here, again, it might be of vital importance to me to see Mr.
The point was one of vital importance, as the natives of Happar were not only at peace with Nukuheva, but cultivated with its inhabitants the most friendly relations, and enjoyed besides a reputation for gentleness and humanity which led us to expect from them, if not a cordial reception, at least a shelter during the short period we should remain in their territory.
It was a matter of vital importance that brought me there that night.
In the spring, when every hour is of vital importance, the work is constantly being interrupted by them, and the workers lie sleeping in the sun the whole day, agreeably conscious that they are pleasing themselves and the Church at one and the same time-- a state of perfection as rare as it is desirable.
Having made this concession to circumstances, he was, at the same time, quite cunning enough to see that it was of vital importance to the purpose which he had in view, to confine himself strictly to this one perversion of the truth.
But the rapidity of our march and the fact that all available troops were being hastened toward the northeast assured me that a matter of vital importance to the dominion of Menelek XIV in that part of Europe was threatening or had already broken.
The papers which Openshaw carried are obviously of vital importance to the person or persons in the sailing-ship.