off guard

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After a century of taking the rationalist, secular world for granted -- that is, of assuming that what we see is what we get -- any sight of more, of a marvelous beyond the material realm, is bound to catch us off guard.
This route will put him on a collision course with the off guard who is trying to kick him out.
However, he is caught off guard when he ultimately realizes his real enemy.
The large swings exhibited by the ocean and continents caught scientists off guard, says Keeling: "So far, everything that's happened has been a surprise.
The changes in withholding requirements and deposit timing rules took effect on January 1- catching many plan administrators off guard.
MANILA -- Being reality television show hosts accustomed to a "happy" environment, best friends Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez were caught off guard when they encountered an "Asia's Got Talent" act who cried after they failed to enter the competition.
Out-of-bounds plays offer the perfect opportunity to catch the defense off guard.
The newly found indirect effects, especially the greater heat release, caught researchers off guard.