off guard

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Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana on Thursday admitted the military was caught off guard when NPA attacked in Agusan del Sur.
Seoul :North Korea's rocket launch on Wednesday caught the world off guard and proved again the near impossibility of accurately predicting what the secretive state will do and when.
They just didn't think that in the Championship that teams would have a go at them and it caught them off guard.
CARTOONIST Ken Wilkins sees the funny side of a story in the Telegraph about Warwickshire police being forced to make changes to the way they deal with travellers after being caught off guard by a record number of illegal camps.
Patricia Mills, founder of the "Influential Women" awards, caught me off guard. While introducing my "IW Alumnus Special Recognition Award", she stated that "Maggie's path has never been traditional, and she's never stood still".
That way, the reporter won't be caught off guard when a story hits.
The silent signal is done to avoid the five-second call, but we often catch the defense off guard and not fully set.
The ambassador appeared to have been caught off guard by the question, which came when he called on Israel to disarm to create a nuclear-free Middle East.
RECENTLY WHILE DOING SOME RESEARCH for a story, I was caught off guard when I found a web log purportedly written by Philip Eaton, president of Seattle Pacific University (Wash.).
Catching someone off guard is no more than a dirty trick.
In a section entitled "Operation Germ Evasion," the authors provide a list of suggested responses that germ freaks should memorize, so they won't be caught off guard at a party when faced with ignorant comments from non-germ freaks.
However, suppliers are not being caught off guard by a sharply higher buying level, which should keep supply and demand in better balance.