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In the Name of the Father and Brassed Off head the usual credits.
So, while lawmakers who took much of August off head back from Denver or Minneapolis, it's a good time to pause and reflect on another of Massachusetts' endangered species: the snack cake or doughnut laden with trans fats.
Slice top off head of garlic and drizzle with olive oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper.
CITROEN has revealed details of its new C2 which promises to be the `wild child' of the supermini sector with its purposeful bonnet, squared off head lamps and large 16-inch wheels.
Pupils at Christ the King Infant School waved off head teacher Sian Smith, who was chauffeur-driven in a Jaguar for her last day, after 36 years of service.
He hid the three buggies in a shed and tipped off head greenkeeper Matt Crofton about his secret.
Great A Brit off head Those trying to politicise the success of Great talkative line in here for a Scots in the Olympics as an advert for should be careful what independence three line quot thank you very If it wasn't for GB funding much in here t ar Great talkative line they wish for.
This took all the pressure off Head and three further strikes brought a comfortable win in the end.
Mr Willis added: "In its obsession with testing and targets the Government has taken its eye off head teacher recruitment and failed thousands of pupils.
In other cases around France, girls took off head coverings before entering school.