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In addition to performances of the complete work on Thursday and Sunday, music director Marin Alsop presents the work in her signature Off the Cuff format on Friday at The Music Center at Strathmore and on Saturday at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.
Along with the magazine redesign, our new feature Off the Cuff, and the Alaska Business Monitor newsletter, our digital edition is getting a major upgrade and the Alaska Business website is receiving a complete overhaul, launching in January.
In Off the Cuff & Over the Collar, McCarthy's approach to all things Catholic offers support for our pope's new image of Catholicism.
To obtain Off the Cuff tickets, at pounds 6, for adults pounds 4 all concessions, email
Teams fear that off the cuff remarks on Twitter could cause problems during this month's finals in Ukraine and Poland and other sides could follow the directives.
The Prime Minister said his jibe at the Shadow Chancellor, in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, had been made "off the cuff".
Morton Stanley, of Off the Cuff outfitters, Wrexham, is expert at ensuring male members of the party look dashing.
That means she earned pounds 33,000 a day for fluffing her written "off the cuff" comments and failing to master the challenge of pre-recorded light entertainment.
When a band flies off the cuff and whacks your poker face, to me that is the most thrilling aspect.
Don't count on your ability speak off the cuff (extemporaneously), and don't settle for one draft of writing.
Before the advent of frozen sperm, the whole awkward affair took place off the cuff in the clinic.
Here, as in the past, Wilcox utilizes a variety of source images, pilfering television, cinema, and still photography as well as staging elaborate reenactments and shooting off the cuff. First collected on film, this footage is transferred to video and digitally edited before being returned to 16 mm.