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"Felipe (Pachec), who plays Puck, is an incredible performer who's come through Off the Ground and Young Everyman & Playhouse and you get that magicalness and acrobatics."
In the Summer X Games, competitors can choose to ride from the MegaRamp's two starting points: One is 19 meters (65 feet) off the ground, and the other towers at 24 m (80 ft).
Furthermore, "the savings in flood insurance offset the added cost of building off the ground."
Off the Ground has been running many years now, touring each summer and only missing one year thanks to the Foot and Mouth outbreak.
"There are four of us altogether who would like to see some projects in Henley get off the ground."
And while Goldberger and the other panelists, including Peter Stangl, former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Maura Moynihan, Daniel Patrick Moynihan's daughter and director of the Friends of Moynihan Station, are desperate for the project to get off the ground, they worry about the developers' priorities in creating the new train station.
Auden's "low dishonest decade," during which the best dabbled in free love and socialism while the worst busied themselves getting fascism off the ground. The interplay of diverse but connected works set off a series of ricocheting slippages, not only between art and commercial illustration but between fiction and actuality, pictorial and architectural space, erotics and intellect, history and lived experience.
But his tiny business could never have gotten off the ground without the monthly cash remittances sent by his son in Minnesota, in the United States.
The Business Vitality Programme, which aims to help new independent business ventures get off the ground, has created 18 new businesses since being launched 20 months ago.
While sitting at your desk or standing, lift and lower your toes off the ground while keep the heel firmly planted.
I particularly hate rides at fairs that are off the ground. Still, my lingering preghead meant I didn't remember any of this.
The finished product, which sits about five and a half feet off the ground, sports a slide, monkey bars, a deck, a sandbox, and two swings.