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Off The Hook tracked well at the first to take charge and was never headed to score by three lengths in 28.
A spokesperson from Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us.
The enterprise zone designation might be gone for good, but the city and state politicians won't be off the hook for working with the community and organizations such as the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley and the Valley Economic Development Corp.
Meanwhile, a wall drawing in scrawled black acrylic extends behind After Lives (all works 2002), the most obviously figurative of the five paintings, and blurs into Off the Hook, a mural in sintra and enamel that spills onto the floor and has metal spears sticking out of it.
So, is the Delaware DOJ bending the law to allow a politically connected celebrity activist off the hook, or is the law so confusing that the DOJ lawyers can't properly interpret what they expect gun-owning citizens to know and obey?
At press time, as the Super Bowl was approaching, the phone at Sister Jean Kenny's convent was once again ringing off the hook.
Kids everywhere have boards and the ones that are riding scooters wish they had a skate, 'cause shit's off the hook.
But well-meaning critics on the left also have a complaint--that gay proms ghettoize lesbigay youth, letting public high schools off the hook when they don't provide gay kids with safe and equal access to the main event.
Even new, improved statins wouldn't get you off the hook if you eat a lot of fatty meat, however, says Istvan.