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Members of Coventry's Stagecraft getting ready for Off The Hook.
THERE IS NO MAGICAL 78th offense that gets you off the hook and entitles you to be aggrieved.
God's apologists always let him off the hook this way - if anything bad happens, it's the wickedness of man.
'There are those who see forgiveness as an immensely noble and humbling response to atrocity--and those who see it as a weak gesture which lets the violator off the hook and encourages further violence,' Cantacuzino tells me.
The Federal government is not so shy, he said, he said, and is unwilling to let China "off the hook".
You're feeling bad not because of the gridlock or the phone ringing off the hook, but because you've forgotten the most important thing in your life.
"Just because you didn't get a letter doesn't mean you're off the hook," she said.
So the school where Daniel was bullied was let off the hook entirely, and the state child-protection apparatus was let go with a slap on the wrist.
Alys Campaigne, legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, believes that "President Bush wants to change the law to let polluters off the hook."
His cousin Josh and best friend, Kofi, are also thrilled to be asked and look forward to wearing their slick black jackets and going to the Warriors' "off the hook" parties.
I hope that after thousands of people have been maimed and lives lost that the Government is not let off the hook from answering this all-important question.
and Becher+Carlson Insurance Services Inc., members of the Munich-American Global Services Group, said his phone has been ringing off the hook lately.