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Bypassing this limitation, Uniloy Milacron produced the off-center finish (while adhering to the dairy industry standard) by using its own proprietary blowpin technology.
The aircraft landed 18 feet long and 16 feet off-center of its target spot, but was good enough that had it been done on an actual carrier it would have made a successful landing, Mazur said.
The hurdler must identify an arm radius (bent/extension) that is consistent with body lean, height, and flexibility The preferred posture is a slight off-center forward body lean while emphasizing arm action to control balance and maintain a consistent sprinting rhythm.
The off-center position and reduced scale of the figures allowed the otherwise empty space of the gallery to predominate.
The pores in adjacent protein sheets are slightly offset from each other, so the coins are also slightly off-center.
In place of the traditional screw and barrel, the Instamelt extruders employ a smooth drum, which rotates on an off-center axis inside a grooved chamber.
com readers anticipate and expect our content to offer a unique twist or an off-center take on current events.
Accompanied only by the throaty gymnastics of singers Manuel de la Malena and Javier Requena, who also clapped along with box-drummer Sudhi Rajagopal, Ortega's pirouettes dazzled, while his off-center maneuvering still managed to land him squarely on the beat with the dance equivalent of an Olympian 10.
Even as a child, Eleanor's personality was slightly off-center and, as she makes her way through life, she veers farther and farther away from the norm.
It's a small, perfect note in a movie that's full of deft, off-center observations about the world of filmmaking.
They stab, shoot, whip, and piss all over each other while bodily staking claim to whatever urdomain they happen to occupy: hills, rectangular planes, and off-center, meteorlike chunks of terra incognita.
Material from the off-center disk falling onto the black hole may have propelled the hole away from the galaxy's center.