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11-31, reflects the aims of Off-Center and the Denver Center, the region's largest theatre organization.
This could be achieved by increasing the strength of the applied centrifugal force using off-center spin-coating.
To create height, Nakisha gave Mirhonda a zigzagged off-center part, then worked in Back to Basics Silk Grooming Creme to separate and define the layers.
The new Abe Lincolns and Alexander Hamiltons will feature larger and slightly off-center portraits, watermarks that are visible when held up to light, embedded polymer security threads and tiny printing visible only with a magnifying glass.
Featuring an off-center neck and handle, the new design is said to replicate the balance of a pitcher for easier handling and control.
The Y-axis provides a large stroke for off-center machining, a double-arm automatic tool changer and a magazine that holds up to 180 tools.
As your brain tries to adapt to this off-center vision, you feel wobbly and out-of-control.
Short compositions by Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Berg, Neilsen, Alain, Ives, Copland, and Blackwood himself all share in a taste for things different, odd, and progressive, but I really wouldn't call them either radical or "masterpieces." It's off-center stuff, though not earth-shaking, brought off with little regard for the neophyte.
His sources seem few, narrow, and sometimes off-center for the breadth and confidence of his claims, and he assumes an audience already committed to the postulates, methods, and language of poststructuralism.
The researchers called this improved method "off-center spin coating." The process remains experimental, and the engineers cannot yet precisely control the alignment of organic materials in their transistors, or achieve uniform carrier mobility.
The Pipe Tongs' unique, wide scissor-grip design enables a stable lift to be achieved even when the pipe has been picked off-center, eliminating the need to position a sling dead-center.
Her romantic relationships seemed off-center from the start, the biggest fiasco being her attempt at marriage with Chorus Line choreographer/director Michael Bennett.