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A PCI-based SSL off-load card with 'plug 'n play' installation offers major advantages for appliance and server OEMs," says Jeff Wilson, Executive Director for Infonetics Research.
IFC s Debt and Asset Recovery Program has allowed banks to off-load up to $21.
The Cisco ACE simplifies application infrastructure by combining the functionality of multiple application delivery appliances into a single module, including server load balancing and off-load, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), security, and application optimization capabilities.
AMD64's Direct Connect Architecture and HyperTransport(TM) technology, can provide a tightly coupled co-processor expansion capability and address the communications bottleneck that has negatively impacted compute off-load to coprocessors in other solutions," said Doug O'Flaherty, division manager for Acceleration Strategy at AMD.
This high level of integration delivers key features required for shared networked storage and media server applications such as: 10/100 Ethernet MAC, multiple HDD controllers, low-cost DDR SDRAM support, hardware acceleration for TCP/IP off-load, encryption and memory management, a USB port and real-time-clock.
RDS is a low overhead, low latency, high bandwidth, ultra reliable socket off-load driver and inter-processor communication protocol.
The Triton Tool suite provides Altera customers with a window into the operational efficiency of their FPGA-based system, and then generates an optimal combination of algorithmic processing functions, memory and interfaces to off-load the Nios II embedded processor.
By redesigning the form factor and integrating SSL off-load onto a standard PCI NIC the BN1200 not only delivers advanced security features but also provides the same ease of integration our partners have come to expect.
The global commitment also includes off-load of traffic from third party SMSC, MMSC, LES, and IVR network applications using Telenity's Canvas applications in outsourced marketing and hosted models for MVNOs.
We attribute our success partially to the Immersion controller's local processing capabilities, which off-load our main processor and help keep game interactions at a consistent pace, giving players a more realistic and fun experience.