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99 Days to Panama: An Exploration of Central America by Motorhome is an engaging travel memoir of one couple and their travels from a Mayan church to an off-the-cuff school presentation in El Salvador to paddling upstream in Belize.
Everyone showed up on time that morning, and Erica and I knocked off the voice-over early, giving me time to do an off-the-cuff sequence at Southside Louie's, the pub where I wrote the script and which Kerri and I frequent.
The off-the-cuff remarks, made by Mr Bloomberg privately during a lunch with firefighters, have left Dr Atkins's widow Veronica 'extremely upset and hurt', her spokesman said.
So far, Arsenal have no plans to issue a statement about former disc jockey Burrell's off-the-cuff announcement, but there are clear indications that officials are upset by the matter and plan to reprimand him.
Here's how Blum--according to Roberta Bernstein's interview in the show's catalogue--did things off-the-cuff in those earlier, simpler days:
Crenshaw was known to drop in unannounced at adult bookstores to deliver off-the-cuff lectures to astonished patrons.
This record," wrote McCall in the preface, "is my off-the-cuff memory.
PM's off-the-cuff remark sparks calls for inquiry and ominous hints from Whitehall
Perhaps most important were two specific impressions left by the former Alcoa CEO: 1) that his off-the-cuff remarks on the eve of the G7 expressing ambivalence about the dollar's strength should not be taken seriously; and 2) that he believes G7 coordination plays a positive role for international markets.
There are a few more polished jazz-funk numbers, including "Hi-Hat Song" and "Have Funk," and quirkier fare like "Organ Waltz/Drumming Ass," a carnival-like organ tune that breaks down to an impressive drum solo, but the majority of the disc is filled with full-blown, off-the-cuff jams that showcase the duo's accomplished, if not always esoteric, jazz sound.
The Style Hour, hosted by Rik Ducar and Dan Mullis, will have an informative, humorous, off-the-cuff agenda devoted to exploring men's fashions in a practical, no nonsense manner.
Again, avoid any random or off-the-cuff discussions when meeting with coaches to prepare for the upcoming season.