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OFFBEAT Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon with Mairtin O Muilleoir and Robert Ballagh in Belfast yesterday
am extremely excited to start and am confident that these journeys will attract the young and old," said Offbeat Tours managing director David Butler.
Dubai-based low-cost carrier, Flydubai, has identified Baku as the top offbeat destination, offering three flights a week to the city during summer.
With several popular gaming apps on Facebook, Offbeat Creations has developed a significant player community.
This is an offbeat story with decidedly offbeat characters, most of them very appealing, and with some hilarious moments.
Cage makes no apologies for his own offbeat approach to superheroics.
With the low-end geared up to whip heads into a trance-like nodding motion, Patterson's guitar playing flavors the songs with equal amounts buzzsaw-style cacophony and melodic resonance, while his yelled vocals act akin to a fourth instrument, forging their own prodding, pleading route amidst the offbeat structure.
Like the weekly radio program distributed by NPR, the television series will showcase the top-notch musicianship, offbeat humor and original insights of America's best young classical musicians.
The judges felt that this rather curious tea bunker arrangement was highly site and culture specific, and could only work in Japan, where people seem more prepared to understand and respect architectural intentions, however offbeat.
The critically acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch, director of offbeat films such as "Wild at Heart," and "Blue Velvet," had offered the school a $175,000 grant to start the TM program.
If you like your stuffed friends a bit offbeat, you'll fall hard for Pock--it Palz.
Featuring occasional illustrations by his twin brother Kyle McQueen, More Offbeat Kentuckians written by Keven McQueen is a hilarious collection of stories and lore of the great oddities and peculiar intricacies of Kentucky.