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Not only are such travelers avid researchers on travel, but they also seek out and request us to provide them with offbeat places and experiences," says Swati Nair, Co-Founder, Trippin Traveller.
Our voyage of discovery to Australia turned out be a truly offbeat trip.
Other destinations to be provided by Offbeat Tours in the next few months include, but are not limited to, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Armenia, with food, beverage, transportation and accommodation all included in the package.
2) Nicolas Cage brings his offbeat interpretation of cursed cyclist Ghost Rider to the screen, with Eva Mendes as girlfriend Roxanne.
If you like your stuffed friends a bit offbeat, you'll fall hard for Pock--it Palz.
The critically acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch, director of offbeat films such as "Wild at Heart," and "Blue Velvet," had offered the school a $175,000 grant to start the TM program.
Like the weekly radio program distributed by NPR, the television series will showcase the top-notch musicianship, offbeat humor and original insights of America's best young classical musicians.
Featuring occasional illustrations by his twin brother Kyle McQueen, More Offbeat Kentuckians written by Keven McQueen is a hilarious collection of stories and lore of the great oddities and peculiar intricacies of Kentucky.
Offbeat selections like "I'm Checkin' Out" and sharp recording by producers John Ainsworth and Kelly Park keep things interesting, while Park's sparkling arrangements sometimes steal the spotlight.
A professor of religion at Case Western Reserve University, Beal packed his wife and kids into a motorhome for a month and toured the country in search of offbeat religious tourist attractions, such as a man who is rebuilding Noah's Ark in Maryland because he says God told him to.
95) is a recommended pick for prior fans of McKay's family stories about an offbeat, zany set of siblings.
Salome is offbeat and charming who in spite of the danger goes after an evil man to bring him to justice.