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I (was) just offended, Madam President, by the statement of my colleague, Senator Trillanes.
So only public apologies matter, and apologies to the supposedly offended group matter most.
Of those on community service orders 38% offended within three years, compared to 42% on probation.
It is argued herein that, since the early 1980s, five assumptions have fueled the assessment, treatment, and management of adolescents who have offended sexually.
Those offended by the Government's generosity with our taxes should also be given an apology and an explanation as to why we send millions to corrupt governments.
Solis is evidently offended by Alan Korwin's article using straight-up language to describe our enemies (and they are our enemies for those of us who swore to "protect and defend the Constitution").
Summary: Filipina actress Bella Padilla has apologised for her cover of FHM Philippines, after it offended readers, with many saying it was racist.
There would be no reason to do so because nobody ever got offended.
Carol Thatcher and Jeremy Clarkson have apparently offended hundreds of thousands recently, and television and tabloids made a feast of it.
I ask this not because I was personally offended by Joe Kinnear's swearathon.
Are Muslims offended when a dog passes them on the street?