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Our research also supports previous findings that the way the criminal justice system deals with young people may affect offending rates (McLaren 2000).
Motor projects seek to reduce crime in two ways, by preventative work with young people at risk of offending; and by what may be construed as treatment: work with young people involved with the criminal justice system, and referred to a project because of their offending.
In immunotherapy, sterilized extracts of the offending pollen are injected, in increasing dosage, once a week.
Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said the program would benefit the Ipswich community by helping local participants connect with services to address the underlying causes of their offending.
The current consultation paper does nothing to address anything but a small area of the social issues associated with offending.
But a report, to be considered by councillors and members of the panel, says: "Approximately one in six young people currently supervised by Kirklees Youth Offending Team (YOT) are what is known as 'looked after children'.
Gill Eshelby, strategic manager at County Durham Youth Offending Service, said: "These are the gold standard for everyone who works with children, young people, their families.
Reoffending rates varied considerably in youth offending teams and officials said a large part of this "reflects the mix of offenders" who are managed by the different teams.
The results showed those children whose mothers smoked heavily were 31% more likely to have been arrested as those whose mothers never smoked, and were more likely to be repeat offending.
A report, Locked Up and Locked Out - Communication is the Key, shows more than 60% of young people in contact with youth offending teams have speech, language and communication needs.
We have also developed educational tools aimed at helping to prevent offending."
The scheme was created 'after a study revealed young people too easily fall through the gaps between Youth Offending services and the adult criminal justice system.