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One indication of how confused we are comes from the manner in which politicians, activists and commentators keep assuring us that the right to freedom of speech does not give us the right to offend people.
In fact, the whole principle of freedom of speech is predicated on the right to offend.
I READ with incredulity that England songs have been banned by Radio 1 in case they offend the Scots, Welsh and Irish (Daily Mirror, June 5).
But, in fact, without the right to offend, the right to free speech would be useless.
Almost anything has the potential to offend somebody, especially in Northern Ireland, where the prospect of being offended is the only thing that gets most people up in the morning.
It would deny a freedom to a minority because that freedom offends the majority.
The team wanted to cut the "human and financial costs of youth crime" and "support parents and adopt a caring but determined no-nonsense problem- solving approach with every child and young person who offends or is at risk of offending.
I'd think that if you did a study of the people this offends, it'd be 50-50 black-white,'' Lee reckons.
2) ``The only way that one makes art today that does not offend anybody is to make the blandest piece of work with no point of view.