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A breach of law; a crime.

An offense may consist of a felony or a misdemeanor. The term is used to indicate a violation of public rights as opposed to private ones. For example, murder is an offense whereas libel is not.

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n. a crime or punishable violation of law of any type or magnitude. (See: crime)

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the accused Jozo SliA!kovic, under Sections 1 and 3 of the Operative Part of Judgment - the criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 250(2) of the CC BiH, in conjunction with the criminal offense of Failure to Pay Taxes under Article 211 of the CC BiH; under Section 5 of the Operative Part of Judgment - the criminal offense of Tax Evasion under Article 210(3) of the CC BiH; and under Section 4 of the Operative Part of Judgment - the criminal offense of Counterfeiting or Destruction of Business or Trade Books or Documents under Article 261(2) of the CC FBiH, all as read with Articles 31 and 53 of the CC BiH;
In land public transportation utilities requiring prior booking, the owner or operator shall be solidarity liable with its employee responsible for the refusal or failure for a fine of: P1,000 for the first offense; P5,000 for the second offense; P10,000 for the second offense; and additional increments of P5,000 on top of the penalty for the third offense for each subsequent offense.
Table 4--Offenses, Offense Type, by Bias Motivation, 2012
The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program collects the number of offenses that come to the attention of law enforcement for violent crime and property crime, as well as data regarding clearances of these offenses.
an offense arising under the general article may, depending upon the facts of the case, stand either as a greater or lesser offense of an offense arising under an enumerated article.
Now the department has classified individual offenses into four categories.
Sullivan said, "As it stands now, Dudley has a lifetime offense. If you have a violation now and not another one for 20 years, it would still be considered a second offense."
How all the players are grouped together via a color pattern--Black, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Red, Gray, plus two offenses: Coming from Behind and the I Formation in the Multiple Offense.
Furthermore, The Sabanes-Oxley Act makes it a criminal offense to destroy documents even in "anticipation of an investigation."
Predicted relationships were tested using ANOVA to determine whether each of the variables noted above differed between subjects who later committed a violent or serious offense and those who did not.
Another problem created by duplication of state criminal laws is the possibility of trying defendants twice for the same offense. The U.S.