offense against the state

See: crime
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Shujat Hussain has presented draft amendment in Article 6 of the Constitution in the Senate in which it has been stated that in sub-sections 1, 2 and 3 of Article 6 of the Constitution word "high treason" should be changed with alternative words "offense against the State".
A crime was defined as an offense against the state, a violation of the social contract, to which the state responded with measures intended not merely to punish but to rehabilitate the offender, making him a fit member of society once again.
Given the relentless accumulation of laws, regulations and bureaucratic decrees, it's almost certain that each of us is guilty of some offense against the State.
Although priests no longer consider suicide a mortal sin, and lawmakers do not punish it as an offense against the state and hence a crime, psychiatrists now diagnose it as a symptom of a mental illness and hence incarcerate the unsuccessful or would-be suicide as a "dangerous" mental patient.