offer advice

See: exhort
References in classic literature ?
"Well, madame, in that case, my advice -- I know that I am very bold to offer advice to your majesty -- my advice is that the king should not leave his kingdom.
Officers covering the area will offer advice and guidance on issues in the area on Facebook.
Amy and Amanda Klinger offer advice on how to handle school emergencies such as shootings, natural disasters, and the like.
Mr Alexander said: "It's great to be in a position where we are being approached to offer advice on how to successfully manage a working theatre.
The multi-agency initiative between the police, council and fire service, with input from the Prince's Trust, hoped to place the trailer in antisocial hotspots to offer advice to residents.
NEWCASTLE United legend Alan Shearer has been enlisted by Gareth Southgate to offer advice to England strikers.
When asked about offering advice to participants, 76.3% of plan sponsors said they do offer advice, and that remains fairly consistent among plans of all sizes, with 70.9% of micro plans and 73.4% of mega plans doing so.
The specialists will answer questions and offer advice on ways to repair or rebuild homes so they are more storm resistant.
As well as online information, roadshows are currently touring the borough to offer advice to residents.
Graeme Roy has promised "a team of coaches who can help and offer advice about how best to achieve your goals".
Jonathan Wales, manager of the Halifax Bank in Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield, and Kirklees Green councillor Andrew Cooper (pictured) will offer advice and assistance to local residents at two informal drop-in sessions.
The Russian central bank is to offer advice to the nation's commercial banks on how to come to terms with an emergency situation.