offer advice

See: exhort
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Contract notice: Framework agreement for building consultancy and / or offer advice in road traffic.
As well as online information, roadshows are currently touring the borough to offer advice to residents.
Graeme Roy has promised "a team of coaches who can help and offer advice about how best to achieve your goals".
Jonathan Wales, manager of the Halifax Bank in Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield, and Kirklees Green councillor Andrew Cooper (pictured) will offer advice and assistance to local residents at two informal drop-in sessions.
Global Banking News-January 14, 2013--Russian central bank to offer advice to commercial banks(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Under the scheme, which is open to anyone, a fire officer surveys properties to offer advice on kitchen safety, smoking materials, electrical safety and escape plans.
So Buteyko breathing expert Simon Paddon is visiting the city to offer advice and tuition to patients with all kinds of breathing problems.
In a hip, compassionate way, the authors offer advice to get women through the nine months before and the immediate weeks after the baby is born.
She will be based in Aberystwyth and is available to offer advice on a range of conservation issues.
Ashley House in Widnes will have experts on hand to offer advice on drug addiction and alcoholism.
By law, custodians must maintain a neutral position and can only convey the IRS regulations and their firm's investment policies; they cannot offer advice on transactions.
She will be available to offer advice on a range of conservation issues on farm while being based at Aberystwyth.