offer an opinion

See: advise
References in classic literature ?
"I had better not offer an opinion," Alban replied.
The sawyer himself did not participate in the conference, but abided at a little distance, like an outer satellite who was not to speak until required, or to offer an opinion until invited.
But since the question is capable of experimental decision, it would be gratuitous rashness to offer an opinion while that decision is lacking.
He writes shortly and bitterly about Sir Percival's explanations, only saying that he has no right to offer an opinion on the conduct of those who are above him.
"But it needs a great deal of supplementing before anyone could offer an opinion. I think that I may arrive at my facts most directly by questioning you."
When other countries offer an opinion on a situation in a former colony - Brazil and those Amazon fires come to mind - those countries are asked to keep the "Imperial past" where it belongs, in the past, and not to interfere in a sovereign nations politics.
I also like the way your writers offer an opinion that is just that--not to be confused with facts.
He is willing to listen and does not argue incessantly, but does offer an opinion when one is not asked.
Given the violent nature of this group, which practices targeted killings for assassinating its opponents, a third of Pakistanis are reluctant to offer an opinion.
What is more, some of them might even offer an opinion for free, because they are already being paid for by there own country's TV station.
London, July 13 ( ANI ): Elizabeth Hurley has become the latest celebrity to offer an opinion on the hugely popular erotic novel 'Fifty Shades Of Grey.'
We have a group of people, contributors and panelists, who go on the Sunday Game, offer an opinion, it's an honest opinion.