offer collateral

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offer collateral may be provided at at~s option - 12001008-00155594-00100008 led by ak raiffeisen bank by depositing the amount of the security on your uk account until the expiry of the deadline for submission.
Kelly gradually introduced the cult to our client over the course of their relationship, culminating with an explanation that she would have to sign a contract and offer collateral information about herself and her family for Kelly's protection."
And while guaranty bonds do not offer collateral, financial entities are the guarantors so there will be secured resources to collect from.
Licensed as a Pawn Dealer, which allows for the purchase of goods from customers & to offer collateral loans
Unlike with a bank loan, an entrepreneur would be required to offer collateral of personal assets guarantees and this could be detrimental in case the business does not kick off as planned.
Gondwe noted that because factoring helped corporate entities and SMEs that were performing well to gain access to credit without having to offer collateral or provide security other than the receivables generated in the normal course of their business, the instrument offered solutions for unlocking economic development and supporting African SMEs operating in export value chains.
A lender will want to secure a loan with something of value, so be ready to offer collateral. Often, collateral is real property, such as a personal home or car.
Under this scheme banks have been encouraged to make both farm loans for raising crops and non-farm loans for other agricultural activity to groups of 5-15 small farmers who in their individual capacity cannot offer collateral.
Many are looking to offer collateral transformation services, which would allow an end user to exchange certain ineligible types of collateral for an eligible type, and other solutions.
The very poor individuals are often described as high risk as they cannot offer collateral and have no stable source of income.
Even the region's sovereign wealth funds are on occasion having to offer collateral for financing.
Eurozone leaders approved a second bailout of Greece last month and decided to expand the powers of their debt rescue fund but the Greek rescue is stalling over Finnish demands for Athens to offer collateral.