offer collateral

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If you do not offer collateral acceptable form of security deposit upzp Purchaser will exclude the Contractor from the proceedings.
The idea is to cover a percentage of credit risks of the financing institution to encourage them to finance projects in the small and medium enterprises space that are viable but cannot offer collateral security or accounting records to prove their eligibility for financing.
A lender will want to secure a loan with something of value, so be ready to offer collateral.
Global Banking News-May 18, 2012--Standard Bank's Malawi unit to offer collateral free loans for SMEs(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Many are looking to offer collateral transformation services, which would allow an end user to exchange certain ineligible types of collateral for an eligible type, and other solutions.
3 5 % of sell-side banks already offer collateral upgrades / transformation, and 55 % plan to offer this service within 12 months; 1 0 % have no plans to offer this service.
Even the region's sovereign wealth funds are on occasion having to offer collateral for financing.
Eurozone leaders approved a second bailout of Greece last month and decided to expand the powers of their debt rescue fund but the Greek rescue is stalling over Finnish demands for Athens to offer collateral.
Applicants will have to offer collateral against the loans, which Coun Rudge said could be in the form of property, pension plans, endowment policies, shares, or "anything of value".
The action followed GM's announcement earlier in the day that it plans to offer collateral to bank lenders in order to implement changes to an unsecured $5.
One of the main factors impeding women from entering business is their non-accessibility to institutional credit, which in turn is due to their incapability to offer collateral for acquiring loans.
Although he pledged to offer collateral for the loans, none was provided.